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The Full Guide to Whiskey Ice Cubes: How To Make Ice Cubes for Whiskey?

The Full Guide to Whiskey Ice Cubes: How To Make Ice Cubes for Whiskey? BF Technology 1604

It’s safe to say that whiskey is a timeless spirit associated with elegance and good taste. Regardless of the whiskey type, one thing remains crucial to unlocking the full potential of this exquisite drink: the perfect ice.
The choice of ice for whiskey can significantly impact the overall tasting experience. From the size and shape of the ice to water quality, every detail matters.
If you want to know more, stay with us. This guide explains how to make ice for whiskey, exploring various ice cube shapes, sizes, and techniques.
Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking to enhance the enjoyment of your favorite whiskey or a bartender aiming to provide an exceptional drinking experience, read on to discover the secrets of making perfect ice for whiskey.

The Importance of Ice in Whiskey


One of the primary functions of whiskey ice cubes is to maintain the ideal serving temperature. When chilled, whiskey reveals different flavor profiles and provides a smoother and more harmonious taste experience.
By slowly melting into the whiskey, ice gradually cools the liquid without excessively diluting it. The controlled dilution allows the flavors to evolve and open more gradually.
Dilution is another crucial aspect of whiskey enjoyment. When ice is added to a glass of whiskey, it gradually releases small amounts of water, reducing the spirit’s intensity. This dilution softens the harsh edges, allowing delicate flavors to shine through.
Too much dilution can spoil the taste of whiskey while insufficient dilution may result in an overly intense flavor disguising subtle nuances. The good news is that the right ice helps strike the perfect balance.
Lastly, ice in whiskey contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the drink, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Traditional Ice Cubes for Whiskey


Undoubtedly, square cubes are an all-time classic. An average ice cube will typically measure around one inch on each side. The square shape maximizes the surface area exposed to the whiskey, ensuring efficient cooling while minimizing dilution.

How to Make Ice Cubes for Whiskey

The most common way to make whiskey ice cubes is a traditional plastic cube tray or a silicone mold. They allow you to freeze water into square-shaped cubes that fit perfectly in a whiskey glass. You just need to fill the tray with purified water, ensuring not to overfill, and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, gently twist or tap the tray to release the ice cubes.
A silicone whiskey ice cube mold works in the same way, however, it’s more flexible, allowing you to remove the ice cubes more easily.

Sphere Ice Cubes for Whiskey

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In recent years, round ice cubes for whiskey have gained massive popularity due to their aesthetic appeal and functional advantages. Fair enough, since perfectly rounded ice cubes look exceptionally elegant in a whiskey glass.

Benefits of Sphere-Shaped Ice Cubes

Using ice balls to chill your whiskey has two convincing advantages.
The main advantage of sphere ice cubes is their slower melting rate compared to traditional square cubes. They have a lower surface area-to-volume ratio, which minimizes the ice’s contact with the surrounding liquid, resulting in a slower dilution process. Consequently, your whiskey stays chilled for longer without becoming overly diluted.
In addition, ball-shaped ice cubes make the whiskey experience more visually pleasing. The sphere will gently rotate in a glass, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the drink.

How To Make Ice Balls for Whiskey

There are two basic ways to create an ice ball for whiskey.
A plastic tray or a silicone mold: These work similarly to traditional square ice cube trays, however, sphere molds consist of two parts, with the upper part having holes. You need to pour water through the holes using a small funnel and place the tray or mold in the freezer.
A sphere ice press: this innovative method allows you to make perfectly shaped ice spheres out of ice blocks. You need to run the ice cube maker under warm water for 30 seconds, put an ice block on the bottom part of the press, between the shafts, and place the upper part over the ice. The upper part will slowly slide down, melting the ice into an ideal sphere.

Diamond Shape Ice Cube for Whiskey


When it comes to elevating the presentation and experience of savoring whiskey, the shape of the ice cubes can make a significant difference. Among lots of options, diamond-shaped ice cubes have won millions of hearts due to their stunning appearance.

How To Make Diamond Ice Cubes for Whiskey

Similar to ball-shaped ice cubes, you can make iced diamonds in two major ways:
A plastic tray or a silicone mold: A plastic tray or silicone mold for making diamond-shaped ice cubes consist of a base part and a lid with holes. You need to fill the tray or mold with water through the holes and place it in the freezer.
A diamond ice press: a press lets you create perfectly shaped diamond ice cubes out of ice blocks. Just run the press under warm water for 30 seconds, place an ice block on the bottom part of the press, and put its upper part over the ice. The upper part will slowly slide down two vertical shafts, melting the ice into an ideal diamond-shaped cube.

Block Ice for Whiskey

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The choice of ice for whiskey can go beyond its shape. Large ice blocks are another way to bring whiskey chilling experience to the next level.

Benefits of Block Ice

Block ice offers some distinct advantages that set it apart from other ice forms. For starters, due to its larger mass, block ice melts at a slower rate compared to smaller ice cubes. This slow melting allows the whiskey to retain its desired temperature for longer, decelerating dilution.
In addition, oversized cubes create a captivating visual impact when placed in a whiskey glass. The large, solid form adds sophistication, instantly capturing attention.
Finally, large ice blocks are incredibly versatile. Block ice can be carved, shaped, sculpted into unique designs, or personalized with a custom ice cube stamp for a truly one-of-a-kind whiskey experience.

How To Make Big Ice Cubes for Whiskey

To create large ice blocks, you can use molds or containers made from silicone or metal. They provide the necessary structure and insulation to produce solid, uniform blocks of ice.
Once the ice block is completely frozen, it can be removed from the mold or container and prepared for serving. Bartenders often use specialized tools to carve or shape the block to fit the glassware or make a creative ice cube.

How To Get Clear Ice Cubes for Whiskey


Alternative Options


Let’s face it: no matter how sophisticated the shape of the ice cube is, impurities and cloudiness can ruin the entire whiskey experience. Here are some secrets that will help you make clear ice cubes:
– Use purified water: Start with high-quality, purified (distilled or filtered) water to minimize impurities and avoid cloudiness in the ice.
– Boil the water: Boiling will remove dissolved gasses that can affect clarity. Let the boiled water cool before pouring it into ice trays or molds.
– Insulate: Insulate the ice tray or mold with aluminum foil to slow down the freezing process. Slower freezing allows air bubbles to escape, reducing cloudiness in the ice.






While ice holds a special place in the world of whiskey, there are alternative options available for those seeking a unique twist to their drinking experience. The two popular alternatives are whiskey stones and flavored and infused whiskey ice cubes.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are the best match for those willing to chill their drink without diluting it. These reusable stones are made from non-porous materials like soapstone or stainless steel. They are designed to be chilled in the freezer and added to the whiskey glass.

Flavored and Infused Whiskey Ice Cubes

Flavored and infused whiskey ice cubes can provide a delightful alternative for whiskey lovers seeking an extra layer of flavor. These cubes combine ice with various ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, or spices. They release subtle flavors that complement and enhance the whiskey’s taste profile as they melt.

Final Words

The importance of ice in whiskey lies in its ability to regulate temperature, control dilution, and provide a visually captivating presentation. The shape, size, and quality of the ice cubes play a vital role in unlocking the full potential of the whiskey and revealing its hidden flavors.


What is exactly a whiskey ice cube?

A whiskey ice cube is a piece of ice specifically used to chill a glass of whiskey.

Which ice shape is better for whiskey, a sphere or a square cube?

The choice between spheres or square cubes for whiskey should depend on personal preference. Spheres are characterized by a slower melting rate, allowing whiskey to stay chilled without becoming overly diluted. On the other hand, square cubes have a quicker melting rate than spheres, meaning a bit faster dilution.

How to make round ice cubes for whiskey?

You can use a plastic tray or a flexible ice cube mold made from silicone. Still, an ice ball press is the best way to create perfect ice balls. This device allows you to make perfectly shaped, high-integrity ice spheres without any unwanted smells that can come with plastic or silicone molds.

How to make perfect whiskey ice cubes?

Purified water and quality equipment (trays, molds, or ice presses) should be your number one considerations if you strive to achieve perfection in making ice cubes.

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