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One of the main products of our company is all kinds of ice presses. Any ice press with its own temperature and weight can make any form and shape from an ice cube.


Advantages of ice press machine


Ice mold or ice press is one of the most popular forms of premium ice. BF TECH can make them in different shapes and sizes. The main advantage of ice molds is high-quality aluminum, all sizes are almost always available. We also manufacture presses for professionals in this business, i.e. large 18kg units that can make 4 identical shapes at once. This is very convenient when only 1 person works with them and has to make a large number of molds from premium ice.


Why choose BF TECH ice presses


By buying from us you will get several ways of international delivery with the best price on the market.

We have already shipped them worldwide, you can order the press to any country!


Our experience in ice molds machines


We can say for sure that the shape of diamonds or balls will give originality to your cocktail and surprise any guests. Ice press machine is both a great personal gift and a bar essential to serve up the coolest cocktails.

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