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One of the main products of our company is modified ice band saws for fast cutting of ice on slabs!


What is an ice band saw used for?


This band saw that cuts ice was created by BF TECH to cut large standard blocks of ice into slabs for further cutting into cubes. Our ice cutting band saw is fully electric with remote control, lifting up and down is carried out by an electric motor.


Advantages of ice cutting band saws


The main benefits of our ice band saws are very compact format, band saw for cutting ice does not take up much space. Reliability and ease of use during cutting ice. Our mill saw is safe to use for the operator and can be operated by one person. Our saw can work in any voltage system in the world, the client simply informs us which version he wants before ordering.


Why choose BF TECH ice band saws


Our ice cutting band saw is the best next purchase that will help in your production process if you are tired of cutting dozens of ice blocks with a hand chainsaw. If you are spending a lot of time cutting the slabs by hand you definitely need an ice band saw. One of the important advantages of our band saw for cutting edible ice is the possibility to make its main parts in stainless steel.

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