The main product of our company is polyurethane ice makers! This is equipment that produces crystal clear ice by slow freezing. 


How block ice machines works?


The end product of Premium ice block makers is an ice block with an extremely dense structure that can be used to make premium ice craft cubes, sculptures, and other purposes. Our ice block maker is growing every two blocks for up to 3 days. Block ice machine uses constant water circulation with pumps to create a perfect block of premium ice.


Advantages of the block ice maker


The main benefit of the BF TECH ice block maker machine is polyurethane insulation, which makes it possible to install the machine in hot conditions and work equally in all conditions. Premium ice block makers have several levels of protection and LED display with temperature indicator. 


Why choose BF TECH blocks maker machines


Block ice makers are reliable and easy to use and also our ice blocks maker can be operated by one person. Each ice block machine maker has been tested in our own factory twice to make sure it will work perfectly. BF Tech premium ice block makers are the right choice if you are looking for the best machines on the market.

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