Device for convenient removal of large blocks from the P150 and P300 machines. The hoist has a special design – it consists of several parts, which allows you to transport it conveniently.


– is managed by one person
– significant savings on delivery costs due to the collapsible design
– compatible for use with till cart and our our ice makers

Product features:
maximum lifting weight
250 kg / 550 lb
maximum lifting height
120 cm / 47 inch
Technical information:
dimensions (L x W x H)
110 x 80 x 220 cm / 43 x 32 x 87 inch
45 kg / 100 lb
power supply
220 V, 50/60 Hz
current power
450 W
  • metal parts - 3
  • electric hoist - 1
Extra adds:
  • electric cable
  • beam for lifting the ice block

Our ice block hoist will help you to take out the premium ice block from the machine very easily.


Features of block hoist


Thanks to the special design, which was made to work with BF TECH block machines, this ice blocks hoist allows you to lift ice blocks weighing more than 150 kilograms without any outside help. One person is enough to pull out the ice with our blocks hoist.This electric hoist is designed to lift heavy weight ice blocks, so it can help you in work for many years, as well as lift any other stuffs that are in your production place.


Why choose BF TECH block hoist?


It is the only carving blocks hoist that has an electric method of extracting ice, you don’t need to put any effort, and it is collapsible, which makes it possible to ship it with the block ice machine without extra cost. You can use any voltage system, or 220V or 110V, to work it will all depend on your choice for this ice blocks hoist. Today we offer the best price on the market for these special cranes for ice.

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