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A certain part of BF Technology orders is delivered with the help of freight transportation


If our customer is within the potential possibility of delivering the equipment by truck from our warehouse or a partner’s warehouse, we will be happy to provide an estimate for this type of delivery.


Also, a significant part of the delivery of small equipment (spare parts, consumables or presses) takes place with the help of trucks of courier companies.


Having a significant network of delivery partners of this format in Europe and Latin America, we easily send cargo to any country in the region to the customer’s door, and we can also offer delivery with other cargoes to get a more favorable price.


How is the cost of freight transportation calculated?



– after approval of a potential order from BF TECH by the client, we know all the dimensions and weight of the future cargo and submit these parameters for the calculation to our partners


– the procedure for obtaining the full cost of cargo delivery with the passage of local customs procedures takes from one to several days (note that we are looking for the most favorable price for the client in the delivery of his large-sized order, therefore we receive offers directly from truck owners or operator companies, and for small parcels we use companies like DHL or FedEx)


– after receiving the necessary data, we send the client a full offer, which will indicate the cost of the goods, as well as the options and cost of logistics and the period of its relevance


How is the shipment of goods carried out using freight transportation?



– after the customer has paid the cost of the product and logistics, the cargo leaves the factory and is sent to the customer’s country (we send a photo report of the packing and loading stage), first to the customs specified by the customer, and then to the customer’s warehouse


– the order must be cleared by the client’s local broker (information about the cargo must be provided in advance) and delivered to the warehouse specified by the client


In general, there are no difficulties in this procedure, all goods are moved around the world in the same way, and even if something is not clear to the client, the specialists of BF TECH will always help to understand each of the stages of delivery of our equipment by a truck!

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