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ice consulting
ice consulting
ice consulting
ice consulting
ice consulting

​The BF Technology LLC also provides consulting services to anyone who needs it!


​Having more than 12 years of experience in the production of all types of ice, including premium ice, we know the full list of problems that the future or current manufacturer of this product will face.


Of course, we advise and provide all the necessary instructions for working with the equipment that you buy from BF TECH and it is always free, and also after your purchase of production equipment, we create a group chat where you can ask us all the questions related to the work process of your new equipment.


However, as a producer of premium, you will have to go through quite a few other stages until you have a full-fledged company that will produce a lot, efficiently and quickly, and this is what our consulting is all about.
We teach both online and offline anyone who wants to create a premium ice production from scratch or help to adjust an existing production for the most efficient operation.


How is a request for consulting formed and what are its types?


– of course, first we need to get all the input information about your business (whether it is an existing company or you just want to start this business), it is best to send this request to the email from the Contact section marked Consulting


– we can offer both online and offline training/help, the choice is yours and the time and cost of this service will depend on it. The country of the world and the period of implementation are not important, but we must jointly coordinate the schedule of this work with our workload in similar projects


​What do we teach and what do we do during our consulting?


• requirements for the production premises (assistance in the correct location of equipment, connection, the necessary requirements of services, etc.)
• water treatment (filtration, supply, purification)
• production processes for all types of ice (packing, cutting, proper”drying”, packaging)
• storage of ice in production place and separate warehouses (chest freezers, walk-in freezers, etc.)
• logistics (options for transporting ice at -10 to -18)


What is the cost of BF TECH consulting?


– this service has a very democratic price, because our main mission is to train our customers all over the world, we have already conducted a large number of similar trainings and we want to help as many ice producers as possible, so the price of online training starts from 1000 euros and depends on the number of required months from our side, and offline from 2,000 euros and the costs of the physical presence of our company representative in your country.
A more detailed cost will be provided after processing your request.


We have already helped to open dozens of factories on 5 continents and now our clients work much faster, and more efficiently and are guaranteed to return all the money spent on training in the form of increased income from their business!


Do you have a question or do you need a consultation?
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