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Block Ice vs. Cube Ice: What’s the difference? How to make premium ice?

Block Ice vs. Cube Ice: What’s the difference? How to make premium ice? BF Technology 1454

Looking to step up your drink game? The ice block makers can be really game-changing in this matter. If you want to make a difference, upgrade your ice blocks with premium ones.
Block ice vs. cube ice may look similar, but their differences can impact the quality of your drinks. Cube ice melts faster and dilutes your drinks quicker, while block ice lasts for a longer time and keeps your drinks cooler without dilution.

How do block vs. cube ice differ?


When speaking about other crucial differences between block vs. cube ice, we should highlight the major ones:


Block ice is typically larger in size compared to cube ice, which can make it more suitable for use in larger drink containers or for chilling food items.


Block ice has a more solid and crystal-clear appearance, which can make it more visually appealing in certain drinks or for presentation purposes.


Block ice is typically made in specialized ice makers that are designed to create large ice blocks. In contrast, cube ice can be made in various types of ice makers, including portable ice makers and refrigerator ice makers.
These differences can impact the overall taste, appearance, and functionality of the ice you use in your drinks or food items. Let’s get deeper into the actual characteristics of ice block vs. ice cube.

Block Ice


Block ice is the real hero of cocktail making. Its larger size and solid form mean that it lasts longer and keeps your drinks cooler for longer without dilution. But the secret to making premium block ice lies in the water you use, though.
Choose high-quality, filtered, or distilled water to create crystal-clear ice blocks that will enhance the taste and appearance of your drinks. With BFTECH.PRO’s ice makers and expert tips, you can elevate your cocktail game and impress your guests with stunning, long-lasting block ice that will make your drinks unforgettable.

Cubed Ice


Cubed ice may be small, but it’s mighty. Its convenient size and shape make it perfect for quick chilling and easy serving, making it a popular choice for everything from iced tea to mixed drinks. And with BFTECH.PRO’s ice makers, you can create perfectly formed, uniform cubes that will enhance the appearance and flavor of your beverages.
Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or a sophisticated soirée, cubed ice is a reliable and handy choice that will keep your guests refreshed and satisfied.

What lasts longer - block ice or regular ice?


Block ice lasts longer than regular ice because its solid form and larger size melt more slowly. It means that beverages may stay cool for a while without being diluted. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to savor their beverages without sacrificing taste or temperature.
Choose the right company to supply you with ice block makers that may expertly craft ice blocks. You can create premium block ice that will boost the whole beverage production process and satisfy people with a long-lasting chill while still preserving the taste of the beverage.

If to compare block ice with regular ice, how much longer does it last?


Honestly speaking, it is not an easy answer to make or a definite truth. However, comparing cube ice vs. block ice, on average, block ice can last up to 5 times longer than regular ice due to its solid and dense nature. As it kind of slows down the melting process, it is possible to last so much longer.
It means you can enjoy your drinks or satisfy your customers and guests at the perfect temperature for a while without worrying whether beverages get watered down.

How to make a premium ice block?


To wrap up

To make a premium ice block, you’ll need a high-quality ice block maker. We’d like to tackle this process by dividing it into a few steps to take.

Choose the right size.

Ice block makers come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Add filtered water.

Use clean, filtered water to ensure the ice block is free of impurities and has a clear, crystal appearance.

Remove and store.

Once the ice block is frozen, carefully remove it from the ice block maker and store it in a freezer or insulated container until ready to use.
To get really desired high-quality ice blocks, you need to make sure that you use the same high-quality water. Moreover, you may always add some colorings or flavorings to the water before freezing. In this case, you will get creative colored ice blocks. Finally, remember to properly store your ice blocks. You have to make sure you prevent them from melting or cracking.

Block of ice vs. cube one really differs in size, shape, and melting rate. Making a premium ice block involves using a high-quality ice block maker, ensuring the purity of the water used, and properly storing the block.
Looking to step up your drink game? The ice block makers can be really game-changing in this matter. If you want to make a difference, upgrade your ice blocks with premium ones.
BFTECH.PRO’s premium ice makers can help you create high-quality block ice that will take your beverage game to the next level, providing a refreshing and satisfying experience that will keep you coming back for more!

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